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How to get 10-20 members a day

Many people in my crew and allies who have there own crews have asked me how did I get so many members so fast. And I would reply and give out some of my methods. But lately more and more people have asked me how did you do it. and some even have said that they got started before us and how have you reach more members then we have. well right now I'm about to get all of you guys my methods that works 100%. When me and my friend first started our crew, we only had 7 members, and then eventually we had 22 members and then 3 people in our crew had left and we went down to 19 members, and at that time people in our crew was asking why was so many people was starting to leave. at that moment I had to come up with a plan to stabilize and also come up wit a method that works. it was on a Tuesday when our crew dropped down to 19 members but by that Friday we was 80 members within 3 days.

The wrong way of trying to get new crew members......
A lot of people go on R* website asking people in the comment section to Join there crew. I can't lie and say I haven't done it myself but this isn't a good method and actually a lot of people find it ignoring and they are not going to Join your crew. I recommend joining forums like and also maybe even making a ask question thingy, Because some people on forums like gtav crews are looking to Join other people crews.

How to get 10-20 crew members a day.........
okay first you have to decide rather your crew is going to be PS3 only or XBOX only. But I recommend that you make your crew for both platforms because it makes the methods I'm about to share with you guys more easier to do!

  1. visit people crews who have 300 members in there crew, and start going through the members pages and send them a invite. but when you do this make sure you also send them a short but brief message, why your crew is the crew to join compare to everyone else.

    So I recommend you using a slogan. this is our slogan "Join MTF because we are your most trusted crew on GTA. Because we split everything 50/50" We let everyone knew right upfront if you Join our crew all the money that we make we be shared equally.
  2. Another crew page you should visit is all Rockstar crews pages, because Rockstar has a limit on how many people we can add to our crew. But because Rockstar is Rockstar they can allow as many people in there own crews as they want too. and Rockstar has over one thousand people in there crews. You will get some of your biggest response by sending people invites from Rockstar crews. and remember what I said don't ask people to join your crew on Social Club, So don't ask everyone on rockstar crews to Join your crew but instead just start sending people from rockstar crews a invite to join your crew and let them know that your crew is the crew that they should join.
  3. although Method #2 works, Yesterday I have discovered another new method on how to even get more members then before. I have discover a new way to get people to join your crew. who have sign up with Social Club but doesn't have no crew at all. which I found out it was a good discovery. But I believe the reason why these people don't have no crew is because they just joined Social Club since GTA V was release so they can snapshot pictures on gta v. Yes that's right, that's the method. go through pictures that was snapshot from rockstars snapmatic program and start sending people requests.
  4. Can you add up to more then 10-20 members a day? of course you can it just depends on how much work and effort that you put into using these methods and putting them into actions.
  5. Final Verdict .....If you just want to add certain people to your crew like PS3 only or Xbox only I recommend using the Social Club search box and type in PS3 only or Xbox only and go to crews just for those platforms and start sending people invites.

    Final Verdict
    I know this methods work. a friend of mines needed help getting members. and he only has 47 people in his crew. Today I help him in 11 new members. from the methods I just mention. I know these methods work. because yesterday I just received 23 new members to my crew that I'm the Co Founder of. So let me know if these methods work for you when you use them. you should see result within 1 day or before. thanks for reading and thank you for your time.

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